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The Origin of Robots

Over the years mankind has advanced greatly in the field of technology and day by day we continue to advance. The future holds many possibilities, one of which is living in a world with robots. Isaac Asimov shared his view of this possible future in his novel I, Robot. His view portrays robots as machines superior to humans mentally and physically. If robots are superior to humans, how do humans control the robots? Humans create the three Laws of Robotics, which are instilled into the positronic brains of every robot created.

These laws state that no robot can harm or allow harm to come to a human, they must obey humans (unless it conflicts with the first law), and no robot can harm itself (unless it conflicts with the first two laws). In Isaac Asimov's novel I, Robot, Asimov uses independent short stories as told by robo-psychologist Dr. Susan Calvin, to show the evolution of robots and how they relate to the Laws of Robotics. Robbie is the first robot portrayed in Asimov's novel. This robot doesn't talk and is used as a nursemaid.

Robots at this time are socially unacceptable which is important to acknowledge when considering their evolution. The story of Robbie mostly introduces robots, but it also touches on the first rule of robotics. Gloria, the little girl Robbie took care of, was almost killed and Robbie saved her instantly because of the first Law of Robotics and the humans involved delayed their reaction. This is also an example of how robots were superior to humans. Unlike "Robbie," the next story, "Runaround," goes into more detail of the Laws of Robotics. "Runaround," shows a robot's conflict with the second and third laws. Speedy, the robot with the conflict, is casually ordered to do ...

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...ship. The machines exist because of humans and humans cannot exist without the machines. In Isaac Asimov's novel, I, Robot, robots have come a long way starting with the inaudible Robbie all the way to the machines that control the world. The irony of the society is that in the first story robots were not socially acceptable but in the final story, society depends on robots for survival. Not only have the robots and the Laws evolved in Asimov's novel, but his society has as well. Asimov shows this evolution with his use of short stories. Separately, each of the stories are just tales about particular robots and how they relate to the Laws of Robotics. When these stories are merged into one novel, they create an entirely new theme that cannot be shown when separated.

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