Irony as an Instrument Essay

Irony as an Instrument Essay

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Irony as an Instrument

Its 7:09 am and Olivia is woken up by a wetness between her legs. She looks down and finds that the wetness is actually her water that broke. She anxiously wakes up her husband John, and the two of them quickly gather their things. After nine long months of waiting, John and Olivia are finally on their way to the hospital to welcome their first child into the world. The two have already chosen Jacob Alexander as the baby's name and have the nursery ready for him at home. Once at the hospital, Olivia and John meet with their doctor, Dr. Rodriguez, who assures the anxious couple that everything will be fine and their new son will be in their arms in just a matter of hours. It is now 8:22 am and the pain from Olivia's contractions is beginning to grow stronger. Several hours later, Olivia is in crucial pain but is only dilated 4 1/2 centimeters and is beginning to bleed. Knowing that something is wrong, Dr. Rodriguez realizes that the baby's heart rate is declining and that Olivia's blood pressure has significantly dropped as well.

Worried about the health of both the baby and Olivia, Dr. Rodriquez decides that emergency surgery would be the only way to have a successful delivery. Before preparing for surgery, he once again reassures the family that everything will be just fine and shows John to the waiting room. After hours of surgery with several complications, Dr. Rodriguez has successfully delivered baby Jacob but unfortunately could not save Olivia. Soon after Jacob was born, Olivia began hemorrhaging and there was no way for Dr. Rodriguez to stop the bleeding. She simply lost too much blood and he was unable to save her. With his pounding heart caught in his throat and a feeling failure, Dr. Rodri...

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...on why readers respond to irony is because it catches them off guard. By incorporating the element of irony, the author has an opportunity to provoke desired emotions within the reader then change them within an instant. In both stories, the thoughts and expectations of the reader were altered and the truth was revealed. No matter who the author, one truth about irony remains: there will always be an inconsistency between what you predict and what will actually transpire. Now isn't that ironic?

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