The Bull Market of Television and Bear Market Of Responsibility Essay

The Bull Market of Television and Bear Market Of Responsibility Essay

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The Bull Market of Television and Bear Market Of Responsibility

The inanimate, lifeless object consists of 10 feet of copper wiring, a hardwired main board, thousands of electrical switches and receivers, all compactly encased in 25 pounds of hardened plastic. This plastic box occupies minimal space, requires electrical energy just greater than a toaster, and can be purchased anywhere in America for under $100. It is more accessible, prevalent, and influential than any other person, place, event, or thing this world has every seen; and to many it acts as the present day Hitler carrying out genocide on America’s value system, societal fabric, and treasured democracy. Parent groups, conservative parties, and Christian coalitions decry its ubiquitous influence and demand reform from the syndicates. All about this box of wires camps crowds rise up to cast the first stones in the name of America, ignorant that the blood they spill is the very life of the capitalistic process that has come to epitomize the United States of America. Television should not and does not have the responsibility of being the projector and champion of society’s ideal and sought after utopia. Like every other product or business that has come from the grove of America, it is a fruit of capitalism and exists solely and absolutely for revenue. To say this product is the arena for social reform and advancement corrodes the very ideal of free enterprise and this persecution is in itself an end to social reform and advancement.

The deification of television places society’s failures and faults as television’s failures and faults. Critics condemn television for its violent tone, lack of equal ethnic representation, low moral values, manipulative ta...

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...ssesses the nutritional substance of bubblegum. American’s have developed an insatiable appetite not for culture and fine art but for violent, sexual, graphic entertainment consumed like food, forgotten and replaced by a new dish on the menu of TV Guide. In American capitalistic society, television syndicates fall over themselves to supply America’s growing addiction.

America exists diseased and television functions as the “Typhoid Mary” that spreads this disease. Americans outraged with the condition of the United States seek to heal America by healing television. Television acts not as the cause of the disorder but as a symptom and a vice of the infection. Until society faces the true culprit in the mirror and own to their part in the decline of a once proud nation, iniquitous debauchery will remain as an untreated, unseen cancer slowly killing America.

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