Essay on Perversion and the Internet

Essay on Perversion and the Internet

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Perversion and the Internet

The Internet. An information super-highway to hate, violence, and child pornography. Sure it was ok when the nudie pictures came out, but teaching children racism and bigotry and exploiting innocent children in a sexual manner is taking things a little too far. Buckle your seatbelts and strap on those eyeglasses; we are about to take a ride on the “Informational Highway”.

The First Amendment has been stretched, ripped, and torn into little pieces of propaganda, conveniently located on the “World-Wide-Web” for the viewing pleasures of all; young and old. In the last decade, more than ever, children are being taught how to make bombs, start race wars within their communities, get away with murder, and how to make crystal-meth in their kitchen sink. There are a continuously growing number of web sites that preach violence and hate; promoting violent extremism of all stripes, and the most disturbing of all is the children who are being exposed and exploited in pornographic detail. There is no denying that this is changing the world in which we live at a rapid pace. Hate crime statistics and child pornography rings have increased substantially since the popularity of the Internet. Since the First Amendment protects these Internet Providers it has become more and more difficult to put a stop to these extremely vulgar web sites. With so much information on the web it is hard to identify every type of this explicit material. Combating online extremism presents enormous technological and legal difficulties. Even if it were electronically feasible to keep these types of sites off the Internet, the international nature of this medium makes legal regulation virtually impossible. Furthermore, in the United...

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...ith their children; after all, knowing is half the battle when it comes to the “War on the Web”.

This issue struck home last year when an Ethics teacher from our own University was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography as well as embezzlement. Living in a small town such as Sault Ste. Marie makes it so easy to say that nothing like this is could possibly be going on in our humble community. This proves, that if it’s happening here, on our own little campus, believe me, it’s happening everywhere and it needs to be stopped. Ethics? C’mon now! I’ll bet the phrase “Practice what you preach” now has a whole new meaning to the students and colleges of this perverted professor, wouldn’t you agree? Like this Ethics professor “Ethics” are something the Internet knows nothing about.

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