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Delisting the Grey Wolf Essay

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Delisting the Grey Wolf

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service are considering removing the gray wolf from the endangered species list once Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming have enough wolves to be deemed sufficient to continue to expand the wolf population, requiring only that each of these three states have a management plan in effect to prevent the gray wolf from becoming endangered again. With the current attitude of the governments in these states, the wolf should not lose their federal support under the Endangered Species Act as it would merely serve to cause the wolves to become endangered once again, or at best, held to the absolute minimum population that the states can pass off as “viable, self-sustaining populations” (“bill”, par. 4).

Idaho’s legislature makes little attempt to hide their wish to be rid of the wolves completely. Within the very text of the senate concurrent resolution that seeks the delisting of the wolves, it is stated that “The State of Idaho is on the record asking the federal government to remove wolves from the state by the adoption in 2001 of House Joint Memorial No. 5. The position reflected in House Joint Memorial No. 5 continues to be the official position of the State of Idaho” (State, 1). The grudging condensation of the legislature to put up with the wolves follows this, declaring in the war-weary voice of an unjustly put-upon that “in order to use every available option to mitigate the severe impacts on the residents of the State of Idaho, the state will seek delisting and manage wolves at recovery levels that will ensure viable, self-sustaining populations” (State, 1) which is later defined as 15 packs, with as few as 10 packs being acceptable to the state before control would reve...

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