Essay on The Decline in Rebellious Teens

Essay on The Decline in Rebellious Teens

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Re-wind back to the days of our parents teen years, have you ever been told of the stories
of your parents lighting bottle rockets and firing them under cars driving down the road, Roman
Candle wars, cafeteria food fights, getting away with so much trouble, or how they skipped
school to go smoke cigarettes or to go do other "teenage" shenanigans? Back to the present, does
that sound reminiscent of anything like what you as a teen? In today's day and age most likely
the answer is no. According to Paula Wilkins essay on the article, "The Kids are More Than All
Right" by Tara Parker-Pope, the heathens of old are not so in the current day. After reading both
the article and Wilkins response I have to agree, we are not as rebellious and trouble-bent as our
more adventurous parents.

What both Wilkins and Pope have realized is we, as a generation, are more conservative
on our rebellious tendencies. On staples of commonly accepted trouble-making and rebellious
trends like marijuana consumption, alcohol and tobacco use, and teenage pregnancy/sex it can be
seen that there has been tremendous drops. A study by the University of Michigan Monitoring
the Future survey has been conveying an on-going study on teenage use of marijuana since 1975
shows that in when they started taking data over 45.5% of teenagers surveyed had tried
marijuana and 6.6% smoked frequently. A mere 5 years later the statistic had risen to 60% and

9% used it daily. As the study continues it falls dramatically in the 90s to 40%, where it has
stayed around until 2010 where it has fallen to around 35%. Similarly the use of alcohol,
tobacco, and most illegal drugs has fallen substantially in the past 30 years. Starting in 1980...

... middle of paper ...

...utes to cause worry to parents, such as
sexting and energy drinks. Do keep in mind that “The entire purpose of the teen years is to push
the envelope...... The fact of the matter is every generation of teens freaks their parents out in
some way,” (Shoket).

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