Essay about Mismanagement of Technological in Education

Essay about Mismanagement of Technological in Education

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Mismanagement of Technological in Education

With more and more emphasis in the world placed on the importance of being technologically literate, education has adapted somewhat to this trend. The predicament we face is evaluating whether it is truly necessary for education to be tied into technology, and if so to what degree. With the advent of the information superhighway, availability of learning resources has increased dramatically. Anyone anywhere in the world can have access to an infinite amount of information with access to the Internet.

With so much information available, one can never be sure as to what the credentials are of the sources from which the information is coming from. Free space for webpages are easily available at places like Tripod and Geocities. This allows just about anyone to put up any kind of information that they would like to, but makes it difficult to discern fact from fiction. Any twelve year old can create a page filled with conspiracy theories about UFOs and unsuspecting people might take it as facts.

The 90s has seen an explosion in pr...

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