Essay about Pain - Protecting Our Mind, Body, and Soul

Essay about Pain - Protecting Our Mind, Body, and Soul

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Pain - Protecting Our Mind, Body, and Soul

One of the most despised realities of life that people deal with is pain. It often tends to be an ignored subject because the implications towards each person creates such distressing thoughts that people would much rather ignore it than attempt to ascertain different aspects of its existence. Pain manifests itself as either physical or psychological.

People often look towards the wrong field to elucidate the existence of pain. No more stupid apology for pain has ever been devised than that it elevates. For example, people tend to attribute affliction to a theological belief that it exists as a punishment for doing wrong. It is an explanation due to the necessity of justifying pain from the Christian point of view. Pain is nothing more than the signal given by the nerves that the organism is in circumstances hurtful to it: it would be as reasonable to assert that a danger signal elevates a train. The agony created when a dog's tail is stepped on not only informs the dog that it is in danger, but also causes the dog to react with a loud cry notifying the offender that he or she does not approve of the action.

The most common effect that people suffer from pain is physical pain. Sometimes, it can manifest itself as something that lasts merely moments such as when accidentally striking an arm on an unforeseen object. But one would have thought that the ordinary observation of life was enough to show that in the great majority of cases, pain, far from refining, has an effect which is merely brutalizing. The severity of the pain may overcome the person and not allow he or she to perform his or her normal tasks. Pain not only incapacitates a people, but also creates a great deal ...

... middle of paper ... capable of defrauding the most innocent being. It teaches them all sorts of detestable tricks. Poverty has taken all honor from these men that Maugham speaks about, the loss of all material things and riches they used to have has brought them to the lowest of lows and will leave them all there to fight for themselves. Money laundering, pyramids, inexistent sweepstakes contests, are all used by these characters to cheat thier way through the world. With moderate means they would have been honorable men, but ground down by poverty they have lost all sense of decency.

The very nature of pain brings about shivers and uneasy feelings in many people. Its diverse forms of expression create deep seated anxieties that we would preferably circumvent, but it is only when we analyze it that we can truely comprehend its purpose as a protector to our mind, body, and soul.

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