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Universal Issues in Education Essay example

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Universal Issues in Education

Many universal issues in education are a major concern for our country today. The principles defining education, how children are raised, the grave impact of technology, and the way minorities are treated and perceive themselves are all issues for us to be alerted about.

Teaching and learning have been an important issue since human existed in this world. What is "teaching and learning?" According to the Oxford dictionary, "teaching" is the process to cause somebody to know or to be able to do something, and "learning" is the practice to gain knowledge and skill. In Paul Goodman' s opinion, the schools are only a therapeutic halfway house for young kids. And Ralph Waldo Emerson refers that "universities are, of course, hostile to geniuses." In general, education is to help young people adapt to this society and perform well.

The manner in which children are raised affects the development and growth of a child trying to learn in school. In, "Zen and the Art of Burglary", a father feels he must lock his son in a trunk in order for his son to determine how to secretly escape and master his father's skill. The son finally acquires the skill, but he had to experience the actual deed, first. Sometimes, kids need to venture through a certain act, so that they eventually understand how it works (Fa-yen).

Another concern in raising children deals with what they pick up from adults. Moral intelligence is learned from other people. Children are constantly observing grown-ups, and in turn, begin imitating their behaviors and mannerisms. Kids begin to pick up skills on day one. Parents are capable of teaching their children about wishing and yearning, as well as coping with disappointment. During a ...

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...duced to a new field of study. Finally, education should help to build a good social identity for people as well as maintaining their own heritage.


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