Should Everything on the Internet be Free? Essay

Should Everything on the Internet be Free? Essay

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Should Everything on the Computer be Free?

Many people say, "The best things in life are free." However, when we say this, we don’t particularly mean materialistic items. Nearly two years ago this saying was heard by those who may have won the lottery or whom may have been in love and feels that it is the best thing. Nevertheless, a few years ago nearly nothing was free and if it was there was always a catch to go along with it. Now that the Internet has become so popular it is difficult not to find something for free. There are numerous sites on the World Wide Web that offer free items. For example,, is a site that you are able to subscribe for free offers. The site, is a music site which people are able to download songs from. The site, is a site where one can download a program and have a microphone on your computer and make phone calls. The site, this is a site that one can go to and get free Internet access. These are just a few sites that offer free items.

Since all these free things are accessible through a computer it would make since that there would be free Internet services. There are a few companies that offer free service. America Online (AOL) sends out CD’s, that hold 100 minutes of Internet time on them. There is a catch, of course, with this though, many people make the mistake of downloading the product the wrong way and later find their phone bill with multiple unknown charges. There is also another company called Netzero which an entirely free service. There are some stipulations with the service that limits what can be done, it is also not guaranteed to be working all the time. With these services I feel it is a great opportunity for people...

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...f a call is longer than a certain amount of time there should be a charge. Other than that I feel it is companies are going to get upset that they are loosing money. The problem should get taken care of before it happens.

I feel that having the Internet is an ample opportunity to try out innumerable things. Although there are many services that offer free items, a number of people like to stick to the original product of service. The services that are free have drawbacks that a large portion of our fast past population does not have the patience for. It is much easier for a person to pick up the phone or the newspaper than to get on the computer, wait to be connected to the Internet and then look for what you need. In conclusion, although free is awesome, it is great and by far not perfect!the same thing with what Napster is going through. Eventually the phone .

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