The Impact of Technology Upon Education Essay

The Impact of Technology Upon Education Essay

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The Impact of Technology Upon Education

As the years go on, technology has become such a necessity to everyday life in the average person’s life. Whether you live here, there, or anywhere, technology is apparent and has become such an integral part of everyday life to the point that we cannot imagine life without it. Technology is used in both the private and the public life of every person. In private lives we have our computers, our microwaves, our palm pilots, ovens, TVs, cell phones, VCRs, DVD players and much, much more. In our public lives we have checkout scanners, security cameras, security alarms, car alarms, and so much more. What many of us do not realize is that another benefit of technology is helpful with the growing rate of inclusion. There are so many products out on the market today to help disabled people to integrate with the mainstream and have the same benefits as we do.

One of the most interesting pieces of technology that I have found for disabled people is iCommunicator. This product is mainly used for the deaf and hard of hearing so that they would not always have to have a translator. It gives them more independence in the workplace or at school. It also has been used with children as young as preschoolers to determine the literacy development and as an early diagnosis for hearing loss in young children. This program converts speech to text, speech to video sign language, speech to computer-generated voice, text to computer-generated voice or video sign language. This program has a speech -to-text translation rate of a 90% greater accuracy in less time than its predecessors. [1] Its remarkable features include auto save, menus, on screen buttons, a vocabulary library that includes m...

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...udents. The children whether they be blind, deaf, learning disabled etc now have ways to connect with other people and will be able to fit into the rest of society much easier and finding a job when he or she gets older will not be such a big problem. So many of the original obstacles have been overcome due to the increase of technology.

Technology has become a great asset to teaching others and aiding people to do things they had never thought possible, whether it be a blind or deaf person getting an office job, or getting an ‘A’ if you were a learning disabled student. I never knew that there were so many products available on the common market to help those people to integrate with the mainstream population both in school and at the workplace. Technology has definitely become a positive tool for not only the mainstream public but for the disabled as well.

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