Essay about Lost Moon vs. Apollo 13

Essay about Lost Moon vs. Apollo 13

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Lost Moon vs. Apollo 13

“Houston we have a problem,” those words caught the attention of the world on April 13, 1970 during the flight of Apollo 13. The movie Apollo 13, made in 1995, is based on Jim Lovell’s autobiography called Lost Moon, published in 1994. Lovell was the commander of the Apollo 13 mission; Tom Hanks played him in the movie. The crew also included Jack Swigert and Fred Haise. In general, the movie does a good job of portraying the flight of Apollo 13; however there are some significant differences. The producers of the movie consulted with Jim Lovell while making it, and he wanted it to be as accurate as possible. One reason for the deviations is that if the movie showed everything in the book, it would be close to ten hours long and to hard to understand for the average viewer. The book has a lot of technical detail that is left out of the movie, because the movie is intended for a larger audience. The movie includes several scenes that are not in the book, but they aren’t significant to the plot. Graphics make the movie better, because they make it more dramatic and easier to understand. Several of the characters are represented differently from in the book, especially Lovell, who is not as significant as he is portrayed to be in the movie.

The first major difference between the book Lost Moon and the movie Apollo 13 is that there are several scenes in the movie that aren’t in the book. Many of the scenes involving Jim Lovell’s family are not in the book or are different from those in the book. This is done in order to appeal to a larger audience, not just people who are interesting in science or history. A good example of this is the scene in the movie on Hallo...

... middle of paper ...

...oon fairly accurately, despite some major differences. The movie focuses more on certain things and less than others than the book does. There are also parts that are in the book or the movie, but not in the other. The movie talks more about Lovell’s family life, and less on his childhood and earlier career than the book does. These things are not very significant to the plot. The main plot is kept pretty much intact, and the ending is obviously not changed. Most people knew how the movie would end, because it was a very publicized historical event. That is likely why they add so much about Lovell’s and the other crewmembers’ families. This makes the movie more interesting, because it makes it more personalized, and not just a technical description of the mission. It was very interesting to watch the movie after having read the book and compare the two.

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