Essay about Time to Rebuild Iraq

Essay about Time to Rebuild Iraq

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Time to Rebuild Iraq

For nearly thirty years, the people of Iraq have been brutalized under the sadistic dictator style rule of Saddam Hussein. The land previously known as Mesopotamia is rich with a surplus of highly demanded oil. This, which should serve as a very beneficial asset to the country, has proven to serve as quite the opposite for the history of Iraq. In fact, recent history shows that the supply of resources has caused much self-inflicted turmoil for Saddam and his land. With regard to the current war against the U.S., the oil may serve as the greatest way for the rebuilding of Iraq as promised by President Bush. Before the word "reconstruction" can be considered we must stay hot on the tracks of Saddam Hussein and his regime. Saddam and his top leaders have been on the run ever since the weeks prior to the first attacks on Iraq by the U.S. An article by The Atlanta Journal Constitution, written on June 20, 2003, states that unfortunately, over the last few weeks, intercepted messages support the fact that Saddam was not executed during the first attacks fired in Baghdad. However, the search being led by Task force 20, will not be over until Saddam is captured. What exactly lies ahead for Iraq is uncertain, however, with the promised support of the U.S. and Great Britain, one thing is certain, life will be much more pleasant in the Middle East than that of the years prior. The following paper will provide a brief history of how the conflict began, and where to go from here. I will also attempt to provide information on the current lifestyles of men, women, and children in the region and how their lives will evolve after the post Saddam Era.

To quote President Bush from an article posted on March 20...

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...f Iraq until they are all captured and held responsible for all crimes committed.

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