Essay on The Future of Africa: Third World Countries Falling Further Behind

Essay on The Future of Africa: Third World Countries Falling Further Behind

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The Future of Africa: Third World Countries Falling Further Behind

Rory J. OConnor's article uses Africa as an example to show how third world countries react to the developing technology of this time. Africa, once called, the dark continent because of its inaccessibility to physical explorations by Westerners is still inaccessible today, both by residents and outsiders via the virtual world. (270) All the advances in technology and more to come in the future will continue to separate countries, like Africa, if they are not currently at the same level of advances.

With a population doubling the size of the United States, Africa does not even come close having the technology needed to work with other countries. Although there are many countries in Africa, the majority of them are not even connected to a phone line, much less able to fully understand the use of the internet. Africas lack of technology shows the gap of intelligence people have compared with the citizens of the United States. How are countries in these situations going to be able to work with each other in the future when there is such a great diversity in the world today? Africa has more issues to overcome before using technology similar to the United States and other countries. At home we have the necessities and medicines to live a healthy life. The people of Africa today are suffering from malnutrition and deadly viruses i.e. Aids is an everyday occurrence.

Unlike countries with government spending money to advance in technology, Africa's government is fighting to stay neutral everyday. Just the cost of using technology they have is too expensive for the little time they are able to use it. For example, Professor Akwule in his magazine, Africa Commun...

... middle of paper ...

...easured by Western standards, or seen as a problem of catching up to developed nations like the United States or Western Europe. (273) Africa needs the support and time from other countries to function properly to be able to meet countries same demands for technology.

Other countries should be helping out third world countries, like Africa. There are so many people in Africa suffering from various diseases and malnutrition everyday. People in the United States and other countries take for granted the conditions they today i.e. medicine, food, housing, money and occupation. The sources needed for advancement are here, yet we get caught up in our lives, thinking of only how to improve for ourselves. First, we need to help those less fortunate people, and then think about how to improve ourselves. Like the bible says: Love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:39)

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