Essay on Is a Hacker a Hacker in Cyberspace?

Essay on Is a Hacker a Hacker in Cyberspace?

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Is a Hacker a Hacker in Cyberspace?

In the film Hackers computer hackers are portrayed as peculiar super-heroes in an attempt to both obliterate old stereotypes and to elevate their status. The first scene commences with F.B.I. agents equipped with large firearms who break into a house to arrest David Murphy, who is eleven years of age at the time. The negative perception of a hacker is challenged when the viewer is shown the computer nerds side of the account. By the time the motion picture ends, several stereotypes become evident relative to the portrayal of a hacker. These stereotypes are refuted in various ways, including an attempt to portray the hacker in ways that I did not expect. The point taken is that the traditional stereotypical perceptions of the hacker need to be abandoned, and the director makes that view clear by creating his own unusual visualizations. When I imagine a hacker, I assume that the computer savvy individual is a teenage male with little or no social life, lacking an understanding of fashion and the ability to communicate with other not-so-computer-savvy teenagers. Not only does this film refute many of my preexisting notions about hackers, but the picture also tends to go to the opposite extreme. The focal characters dress as if they belong more to a biker gang than to a company of hackers. Sporting pungent leather outfits, hackers apparently party more than most college students. Attending rave-like gatherings, dancing and video game playing frequently occurs. Several women, including the lead female character, attend these parties, thus altering my original assumptions about the hackers social life. The point is that stereotyping is inaccurate, because many members of a group are different fr...

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...empt to eliminate all stereotypes. The way the hackers dress, act, socialize, interrelate, and appear larger than life are all attempts to change their image through exaggeration. Their uniqueness proves they cannot accurately be categorized and described in any one particular way. According to the movie, hackers can be male or female, they have the same needs and desires as any other community of people, they often strive for a common good, and they are not necessarily nerds. Having viewed the film in its entirety, I feel that the premise the movie makes can be applied to other segments of the general population, as well. It appears that stereotyping on the whole is wrong whether it is of hackers or of any other group. We must view people as individuals and realize that there is both good and bad in everyone regardless of the group to which they may be affiliated.

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