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Flannery O'Connor

Mary Flannery O'Connor was born in Savannah, Georgia, on March 25, 1925. Until she graduated in 1945 she was known as Mary Flannery. At this point she felt that Mary Flannery didnt seem suitable, on one occasion she described it as sounding like the name of an Irish washerwoman. From this point on, she was known as just Flannery OConnor. Flannery is most recognized for her short stories but at the same time had great interest in cartooning and drawing. She would paint over any cracks in the walls of her home so that her mother would not cover them up with paintings from relatives. As a student at Georgia State College for women Flannery displayed her interests in art by painting murals on the walls of the student union building. Flannery often accredited her father, Edward OConnor as being one of the first and most important influences in her life. Edward OConnor not only encouraged his daughter to write but to explore her artistic ability as well.

Flannery OConnors first claim to fame came from being filmed by a New York photographer from the Pathe News. At the age of 5 years old she was interviewed for training her pet chicken to walk backwards on command. Along with training the chickens she enjoyed making clothes and parading them around. She continued her interest in birds throughout her life but the peacock was her favorite. Often when she mailed a letter, she would draw a peacock on the letter and soon it became her trademark. (The Life of Flannery, 1997)
In 1942 Flannery became a student at Georgia State College for Women. There she became the art editor of the college newspaper and editor of the Campus Literary Quarterly. In the fall of 1945 she continued her studies at the Iowa School for Writ...

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