Essay about Greenpeace - Making the World a Better Place

Essay about Greenpeace - Making the World a Better Place

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Greenpeace - Making the World a Better Place

Greenpeace is an international organization dedicated to exposing environmental criminals and challenging government and corporations when they fail to live up to their mandate to safeguard our environment and future (Greenpeace International). The organization is made up of 2.8 million supporters world-wide, 250,000 being United States members, who promote different tactics in eliminating the destruction of our environment, including animals, forests, and humans beings. Three websites that introduce and detail the Greenpeace organization are , , Since all three of the websites are from the same organization, they are very similar, but still include slightly different information in each of them.

Greenpeace consists of forty-one different countries across Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas, but is originally based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The organization was put together in 1971 when the United States Government was conducting underground nuclear testing on Amchitka Island, north of Alaska. The nuclear testing would endanger animals. A small group of journalist and volunteers took out a small fishing boat in order to bare witness to the testing in the prohibited zone. Finally, in 1972, the US Government banned testing on Amchitka Island. Greenpeace was inspired by their first victory and has played pivotal roles in many environmental issues such as, stopping climate change, protecting ancient forests, saving the oceans, stopping whaling, saying no to genetic engineering, stopping nuclear threat, eliminating toxic chemicals, an...

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...sts. However, Greenpeace posted videos of volunteers in a small boat being practically run over by the police while taking action during a protest.

By listing a history of all the Greenpeace victories, the organization also projects that they are a positive, effective organization that has a reason to exist. The information provided on Greenpeace projects that have succeeded helps give off the impression that they have ways to make the world a better place. It also convinces people who are not a part of the organization to consider joining it. A large “Join” button is conveniently located at the top of each site to encourage membership. A “Donate” button is also located at the top of the United Kingdom site. This helps encourage people who don’t want the hassle of being a member but can still feel like they are helping a good cause by giving money.

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