Essay on Understanding and Awareness - A Woman at Washington Zoo

Essay on Understanding and Awareness - A Woman at Washington Zoo

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Randall Jarrell was born in Nashville, Tennessee on May 6, 1914 to Owen
and Anna Jarrell.  He spent part of his childhood in California, but moved
back to Nashville and attented Hume Fogg High School from 1927 to 1931 where
he excelled in tennis, drama, and journalism.  He then attended Vanderbilt
University in 1932 and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1935.  His first published
poems appeared in 1934 in an issue of The American Review.  Jarrell the
proceded to teach at many colleges including Princeton and The University of
Texas where he met his future wife Mackie Langham.  His first book of poetry
called Blood for a Strange was published in 1942.  In the same year he
enlisted in the Army Air Corps and went off to World War II, where he
received the inspiration for his war poetry that made him famous.  In 1945 he
was discharged from the army and he had his second book of poetry published
called Little Friend, Little Friend.  After living in New York for a few
years editing The Nation, Jarrell moved to North C...

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