Essay about A Guide to Joining the Peace Corps

Essay about A Guide to Joining the Peace Corps

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A Guide to Joining the Peace Corps

“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man (Peace Corps).” In 1961 students at the University of Michigan were challenged by Senator John F. Kennedy to put forth this volunteer effort in other countries. Since this statement was issued at two o’clock in the morning to students anxiously awaiting the future President’s address, over 170,000 people have become members of the Peace Corps. Thousands of students responded to the call and gave birth to one of the worlds most valued organizations. The Peace Corps yields volunteers that work as mentors, teachers, farmers, and concerned citizens who offer anything from teaching computer skills to helping women learn to take care of their infants. (Peace Corps) All in all, Kennedy’s profound speech at the University of Maryland has had an everlasting effect on citizens throughout the world and ultimately has shaped the basis for current Peace Corps activities.

The Peace Corps currently has 6, 678 volunteers, 61% of which are female, and 39% of which are male. The average age of volunteers is 28 years old (Peace Corps). Their work is neither glamorous nor easy, but is rewarding in every aspect. Volunteers work in many areas such as health and business education, as well as youth, community, and technology development. Another important goal of the Peace Corps is to create a positive image of Americans to those who may only have preconceived notions of people from other cultures or backgrounds due to skewed media content (Peace Corps). It allow...

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...e dot com site.

So which of these sites is better at what is does? This is a question with no real answer because only by using these sites in combination would a reader truly gain a complex view of joining the Peace Corps. They are both clear and easy to navigate without an overabundance of links cluttering the actual article, and they are each unique and proficient, but apart lack the completion a serious reader would be searching for. The Peace Corps itself is one of the best global organizations striving for education, collaboration, and simply, more peace around the world. To join the Peace Corps is a life changing experience not only for those who participate, but also for those who reap the benefits of the Corps. The entire idea can be summed up by the Peace Corps main recruiting slogan: “Life is calling. How far will you go?” (Peace Corps)

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