The Next Generation's Form of Discrimination Essay

The Next Generation's Form of Discrimination Essay

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The Next Generation's Form of Discrimination

Education plays a key role in the development of one’s character and future achievements. The importance of education has elevated in numerous ways over time. The higher an education a person receives is expected to give an individual a better occupation and therefore result in more earned money by that individual. Human desires have led to the great want to achieve the best education in order to ensure that more then just the basic needs and wants are met by that individual, whether it is for themselves or for those that are dependent upon them. Hence the best education one can receive will contribute to the fulfillment of their desires and wants. In recent years the internet has played quite a major part in education. The internet has become almost more significant in the classroom then a piece of paper and a pencil, to a class. It has become more then just a resourceful tool for finding information it has become a means of a must have item. Such dependence is very detrimental to the educational process for although the internet seems to be everywhere, there are still many people, willing to learn, who lack such a resource.

Amongst this vast nation of so many different types of people from all different backgrounds and cultures, social status is a strong clarification in society. The rate of impoverished families is so excessive in some areas, especially the south, and has become increasingly noticeable in public schooling. The situation has become enhanced as many students lack easy access to the internet. Such easy access includes home use or close location providing internet services. Many students prove that this situation is a constant battle. I was raised in a predominan...

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... on the growth of such skills, both socially and mentally. Viruses and other setbacks to the internet process are also very damaging. Viruses on the internet are very destructive not only in a financial sense but can also affect users work already saved or new. It took 2.6 billion dollars to clean up the Code Red Virus that infected the internet. (Computer World) The internet is an excellent way to retrieve material but should always be used as a resource and not a necessity. The basis of a class should be internet free and should be used as a tool and guide to enhance the education process rather than take away from some students learning experience. It is great to be computer literate to learn in different ways and attain more information but if education becomes dependent on the internet what would happen if the internet was permanently down or greatly infected?

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