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Two Digital Visual Artists Essay

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Two Digital Visual Artists

Visual art practises have been around since the foundation of mans existence, also mans constant drive for progression is also evident. These practises continue to grow, not only in the arts but also in every area of mans life. From the beginning we had cave drawings or finger paintings. These creations are interpreted by individuals today who may not understand why, who, when or how, but realise that these creations may have lead others to doing likewise. From these basic artworks, concepts are derived, and questions are asked, certain ideas and improvements are thought up. Other individuals advance on the paints or the surface which are used, styles, colours, tools, and others resources, all improving on the other to acquire a cleaner, sharper, stronger, darker, lighter overall better image that the artist wants to portray.

These endless improvements carry on evolving to this present time. The tools may have changed but the concepts are still the same. We draw or paint or create something to share a story, to share a feeling, to share an inner most desire, with personal boundaries and trust that others may see the reasons, the lessons or the feelings, without intolerance.

Visual art practises are constantly changing, from the basic images of the cavemen to the cyber poetry of this post modern era. This gradual change in technique and style in the visual arts scene, are shown in modern galleries of today. The technological advances have overwhelmed expectations in modern living compared to 20 years ago. Creative artists have taken hold of many of these advantages and run wild with them. Improving art from cave hand prints, to cave drawings, to cave painting, to sculpting, to painting on canvas a...

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