Essay about Harassment and Abuse of Women in the Military

Essay about Harassment and Abuse of Women in the Military

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Women all around the world who are in the military are constantly getting harassed and raped by the soldiers and there is nothing that anybody is doing about it.
There are many solutions that have been tried to prevent women abuse in the military, but many of them have failed. For example, the government, a few years ago made it clear that they were not going to tolerate any harassments from anybody, yet they did not keep their word.

A few years ago, the government tried to prevent women from getting abused, by just warning the men to not to do it again. Apparently, that solution did not work out very well. Up until now there are women that are still getting harassed and raped, yet the only thing that is being done, is that fact that the men are the one’s that are being told, “Don’t Do It Again!” This is all that they do. Only a simple warning, no punishment.

Rodolfo Castillo Jr., who is a local military prospect, wanted to join the military because he thinks that if the government was to make harsher punishments for the men, things would be very different in the armed forces. “The government should make laws that allow them to punish soldiers the same way that they hurt the women.” If a non-military man was to rape or harass a woman he would get sent to jail or maybe even worse. The point is that just because some men are in the military, it does not mean that they have the right to harass the women that help serve our country.

Antonio Benavides, a former United States soldier, on the other hand, believes that the Department of Defense should address a statement to the nation. On this
statement the Department of Defense should state that they are no longer going to tolerate the men abusing t...

... middle of paper ...

...t have to worry so much about getting hurt. This of course is for the women that do not feel aright with sleeping in the same place the men are. For the women that do feel scared this would be a good place to go and feel safe without any men around.

The men might have problems with this all along but the thing that the military needs to start doing is to stop thinking of the men for a minute and think of all the women that the men harass and hurt everyday just to make them feel better about themselves. They also do this to prove to their friends that they are brave and have guts to do what other men are not able to do because of the way they were brought up. The men use this in their favor to get other men to admire them and follow their lead. The government needs to understand that men like these are not mature enough to be considered part of the armed forces.

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