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Norman Jewison's Movie The Hurricane Essay

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Norman Jewison's Movie "The Hurricane"

The problem of racial discrimination has been portrayed in many films in the last 15 years. However, The Hurricane does a masterful job at addressing this issue, and will leave audience members clenching their fists in anger at the injustice that happened to a man named Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. The movie demonstrates the racial inequity that can be found in our judicial system through the impressive acting by Denzel Washington and the direction of Norman Jewison. The Hurricane makes you wonder who else has been wrongfully accused in the past 30 years.

The Hurricane creates moments of amazing heartfelt punches dealt by Denzel Washington (Rubin "Hurricane" Carter), Vicellous Reon Shannon (Lezra Martin), and the three Canadian friends, Live Schreiber (Sam), Deborah Unger (Lisa), and John Hanna (Terry). All of the actors and actresses produce feelings of love, camaraderie, and determination that causes the audience to jump up and cheer.

The movie starts with the story of Rubin Carter and his fight for the middleweight championship. He lost the match in a rigged bout to a weaker opponent. Although, Rubin dominated the ring, he lost the title. The fight foreshadows the racial discrimination that will be played throughout the movie. Later in the movie in the Lafayette Grill two African-American males of middle build murdered three people at the all white establishment. Rubin Carter and John Artis were accused of being those two men. Carter and Artis went to prison for three life sentences. The future looks slim for Carter, however, a pivotal change comes when Lezra Martin discovers Carter's book.

The movie focuses on the portrayal of Rubin Carter as he spends 20 years in prison. The a...

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... a way that leaves them cheering at the end, takes this film to another level. Jewison has established himself as a great director and reconfirms that with this movie. He is no stranger to racially intensified films. He directed In the Heat of the Night in 1967 and was slated to direct Malcolm X, but refused after a few key people reacted negatively to the idea of a Caucasian male directing the film.

The Hurricane, based on the life of Rubin Carter, brings alive the fears, anger, and frustration that he experienced. The Hurricane is no exception for Washington's stunning performances or Jewison's great directing, so if you are looking for a moving, deep, and engrossing film run to your nearest Blockbuster and rent The Hurricane. It is a movie that needs to be seen not just for its value as a good movie, but for its undeniable call for justice and racial equality.

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