Resolving the Global Warming Problem Essay

Resolving the Global Warming Problem Essay

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Resolving the Global Warming Problem

"It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else will effect the outcome."

Global Warming according to Microsoft Bookshelf nineteen ninety eight edition is " A conjectural greenhouse effect on earth that is attributed to deforestation and industrial air emissions"(MS Bookshelf 98). Global Warming could be one of the most important issues of the century. As global warming becomes more and more of an issue, the factors surrounding global warming need to be dealt with. The world is beginning to show that if something is not done about global warming serious side effects can occur. At first impression someone might think that global warming does not effect everyday life, but the current situation with global warming cannot be ignored. Humans could be in serious danger because global warming destroys the earth?s ecology and effects everyday life by creating an unhealthy environment. The important issue of global warming is that the greenhouse problem is recognized and we try to do our best to solve the problem.

The effects of global warming could create an ecological disaster. The underlying fact that the greenhouse effect will have serious effects on humans is very relevant. During the next century the earth?s atmospheric temperature is expected to rise between one and nine degrees. The problems with the rise in the earth?s temperature could be extraordinary. Several things could happen when the earth?s temperature rises. A major problem would be the melting of the polar ice caps. If the ice caps melt the current sea level could be raised by as much as "six to thirty seven inches," during a one hundred-year period (FORTUNE 129). When the sea rises th...

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