The Effects of Toxic Gardens Essay

The Effects of Toxic Gardens Essay

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The Effects of Toxic Gardens
The urban family is proud of their immaculate garden and neatly manicured and pristine backyard. They feel proud when guests visit and comment on the vibrant, green grass, the weed free flowerbeds and garden and the lust tomatoes on the vine. It is delightful to watch the children roll around and play on the lawn without worry of them being bitten by ants, fleas or other distasteful insects. Best of all, is the delight of the children when they can pick the vegetables right out of the garden for dinner. The entire family loves the fresh vegetables and prides themselves on having raised the carrots, beans, and tomatoes themselves. Sounds ideal, eh? Alas, reality is the pristine backyard is a veritable toxic wasteland since pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are routinely dumped on the lawn in an effort to maintain the weed and pest free yard. Additionally, the garden vegetables are loaded with the most recent "bug spray" application that has been absorbed into the vegetables. These toxins have been found to cause cancer, infertility, birth defects, etc. Therefore upon reflection, the above-mentioned scene is more of a nightmare than a dream. The Institute of Medicine has conclusive evidence linking herbicide use to cancer (Turner-Lowe 1). The exposure may be minor in the produce that we grow and eat from our chemically treated garden; the cumulative effects are significant. The effect of continually ingesting foods with toxins within is what may eventually create some forms of cancer. Many fungicides and herbicides contain orgaanochlorines, which collect and remain in the fatty tissues of human for long periods of time.

Pesticides are toxic and can poison humans. Children are especially vulne...

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...fects. 11/1/98
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