Globalization: The Destruction of Civilization Essay

Globalization: The Destruction of Civilization Essay

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Globalization has proven itself to be highly detrimental to human life everywhere. Sure, there are a few quantifiable benefits; globalization has allowed the once region-specific resources of the world to flow to wherever demand exists in the global economy, and our possible depth of knowledge and pace of communication has expanded through the Internet, but the approach we continue to take leaves bloody footprints that are usually only visible to those who become victims of marginalization, the global underclass is often silenced.

According to textbooks on Economics, “good” globalization promises mutual growth and development of all parties involved, especially the workers and resource-providing parties at the “bottom” of the implied hierarchy. The idea is reminiscent of the happy pitches given by devout Communist theorists and pyramid scheme participants. Realistically, we have responded to our newfound connectedness of our globe in one of the most animalistic, Darwinistic ways we could have. Our problems started with our failure to define whose world this is. The global system that grew was instead defined by survivalism and circumstance, by those powerful enough to take and hoard what was there, and humans were divided into the same unfair, yet interdependent have/have-not categories that have forever plagued civilization--just now on a global scale. As we grew intelligent enough as a global community to understand the inequities that existed, the most powerful entities did not care, and since this is their world, this world chose to continue to evolve in the animalistic way it grew up.

         The current G8 pattern of fostered dependency took advantage of the resultant inequalities of the establishment of a wealth and...

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... the possibility of creating a global network of human thought

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