Pros and Cons of the Mandatory Seatbelt Law Essay

Pros and Cons of the Mandatory Seatbelt Law Essay

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An enormous division currently exists between the people who believe that automobile safety should be an option and those that feel it must be a requirement. The federal government feels the morally obligated to create the safest driving environment possible. On the other end of the spectrum, opinions exist that the average driver has ability to make the choice of safety on their own. Editorials, political assemblies, debates, and conversations have arrived on the concept of click it or ticket. This idea refers to ticketing any motor vehicle driver and passenger that is not fastened by a seat belt. Arguments have been made for both sides, and have been reviewed in multiple states.

One particular article has been written, by Dr. Walter E. Williams, that discussed the negatives of click it or ticket, and has actually demoralized this idea (Williams 2003). The article is properly titled 'Click It or Ticket', and was written in the fall of 2004. His educated opinions reflect one side of the controversial argument; however also contain bias statistics and opinionated logic.

Dr. Williams has researched the programs purpose and actions and feels strongly against the policy (Williams 2003). His motive of convincing readers to side with him exists in his tone of rebellion, astonishment, and confusion. His argument lies on the basis of opinion and not practicality. On the other hand, his reasons are just and well-explained, and therefore make for a liable argument. Dr. Williams provides statistics, facts, and general observations to collectively explain his view of the click it or ticket policy (Williams 2003).

The first area of Dr. Williams? argument focuses on government responsibility, rights, and laws (Williams 2003). His ge...

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...ay of laws and reasonable policy. Dr. Williams is obviously an individual of knowledge and pride, however, his education may not provide the key his views of positive policy. Instead of viewing the governments? attempt at safety as a negative authority, he should reflect on the physical benefits instead of the intangible conflicts. Therefore, the ?Click It or Ticket? article described one way of viewing a current law of governing safety. Dr. Williams clearly disagrees, but an audience should generally view the attempt at safety as the proper acts of government as opposed to the negative. Safety is a necessity for a civil society, and click it or ticket laws allow for a safer than nothing transportation situation. This should be appreciated and will eventually quiet all critics by accurate statistics of saved lives while maintaining a reasonable spending platform.

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