The Devastation of the Indies and Movie The Mission Essay

The Devastation of the Indies and Movie The Mission Essay

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The Devastation of the Indies and Movie The Mission

The Mission and Bartolome De Las Casas' book, The Devestation of the Indies
Although The Mission and Bartolomé De Las Casas' book, The Devastation of the Indies portray events that took place over two centuries apart, similar features and effects of colonization are apparent in each account. Slight differences in viewpoints are evident, such as The Mission's portrayal of the natives in a more humane fashion, but this goes along with the evolution of time and the current trend of being politically correct. In other words, people today have broader views on issues, are more unbiased in their reasoning, and are careful not to offend others. Whether efforts to conquer land happened in the sixteenth century or will happen in the future in say the twenty-second century, by definition of conquer alone, defeating, suppression, and a complete overpowering, has taken place and will continue to in the future. (Merriam-Webster's, 1997, p. 245).

The Devastation of the Indies was written in the middle of the sixteenth century in response to De Las Casas' outrage about the horrific treatment of natives in the New World. De Las Casas first came to the New World on Colon's second voyage. At one time De Las Casas did own slaves himself, but his experiences over time in the New World, led him to new ways which included getting rid of his slaves. His mission became one of letting others, especially those in his European homeland, become aware of the cruel treatment of the natives by the European colonizers and he began a crusade for the abolition of Indian slavery and the general improvement of the natives' lives.

( De Las Casas' book is a first-hand acco...

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