Internet Censorship Survey Essay

Internet Censorship Survey Essay

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Internet Censorship Survey

Topics of censorship involving the different media have always drawn lively responses from people when asked about them. The media categories of television, printing and recordings now include the Internet. I conducted a survey of people to find out their opnion on the new medium. I asked people, "Do you think that there should be censorship on the Internet?".

I conducted this survey during the week of February 14, 1997. I particularly chose this question because of these reasons: the recent news stories of children being lured into harm after being contacted via Internet; the reports of the availability of pornography; the recent cases tried on the bases of obscenity laws; the forthcoming U.S. Supreme Court hearing on Internet censorship; my own awareness of what is available on the Internet; the fast-pace growth and presence of the Internet, and the controversy of censorship on other mediums.

Before conducting the survey, I predicted that Internet users would answer no to censorship on the Internet in overwhelming numbers. So, I would have to ask if the person used the Internet. I also predicted that my question would be perceived as important only to Internet users-- that I would have to convince someone that does not use the Internet to answer my survey. I even thought that I might conduct some of the survey on the Internet. I would find out later that there were plenty of Internet users in my survey without conducting it online. I also predicted that younger participants would say no to censorship on the Internet.

I predicted that the older the person was, the more likely that they would support censorship on the Internet. I believe this because of my own experiences. I still think ...

... middle of paper ...

...would answer no to censorship on the Internet. Since eleven did answer no I was partially right. Because eight answered no and two maybe, I was partially wrong too. I had also predicted younger aged people would say no to censorship on the Internet. I placed this prognostication on my own experience. That was proven wrong. Age was not a factor. If there was a large population of teens in the survey, maybe the answer would be different. This could be a theme for another survey.

In conclusion, I thought the survey yielded many statistics. It was taken in four places with a mix of people that were all different. The events of surveying that are the most memorable were the events not recorded. I have learned to survey people around me for answers to important topics. I believe that the next survey I conduct will have a box for other reactions and replies I receive.

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