Essay about Qi-Energy, Qi Gong, and Neurons

Essay about Qi-Energy, Qi Gong, and Neurons

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Qi-Energy, Qi Gong, and a Question of Neurons

"The progress of science and technology in modern times shows for the destiny of the human species two faces, like the two-headed god Janus. One face revealed by science and technology is that of the God of Light brightly illuminating the future for humanity and guaranteeing an affluent and pleasant happiness. The other face is the God of Darkness, who betrays a power that could bring terrifying destruction to the world and human kind. Today we are confronting God with these two faces" -YUASA Yasuo, from the preface to New Age Science and the Science of Ki-Energy (cited in The Body, Self-Cultivation, and Ki-Energy, 1993)

West vs. East

There has existed for quite some time the distinction between current western medicine and ancient eastern "alternative medicine." Western medicine has dealt primarily with the study of the nervous system, the visceral organs, and "observable" behavior, treating illness with drugs, designed to alter the body's chemistry. A western doctor looks for pathological conditions manifested through physical symptoms. While eastern medicine focuses on these aspects as well, it studies these symptoms through an understanding of Qi-energy (also called Ki-energy) that flows through invisible meridians throughout the body as well as the universe. This energy is the vital elemental life force of Asian medicine. Practically every method of healing involves some rendition of this vital energy-except, of course, for mainstream western medicine. Why is that modern medicine has virtually ignored this force that has been studied for centuries? What is happening as these two faces of medicine are colliding? Is there truth to the idea that our bodies are not merely...

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... Kinase) Activity (abstract and figures).


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1 I place the word "body" in parenthesis because western conceptions of body are different than eastern connotations. Western medicine focuses on the actual substrate of the body, while Eastern medicine includes the energy that gives life to this body.

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