The Generation of Children From World War II Essay

The Generation of Children From World War II Essay

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During World War II, governments were tried and tested, armies were defeated, and technology leaped forward. However, the effects of World War II extended further onto the American children. Death of fathers, collection of scraps, purchasing of ration stamps, the effects of propaganda, and the technicalities of rationing are all factors that influenced the children of that war. These conditions at work consequently caused the generation of children from World War II to grow into conscious patriots and avid supporters of the war cause.

With the death of family members, the family situation on the home front changed drastically. Judy Woodbury, who was a young child during World War II, testifies that the death of her father had a profound effect on her family. Judy recalls the 21-gun salute that the army gave for the death of her father and how “every time [she hears] that now, it sends shivers up [her] back.” Thousands of bodies were brought home from the war in April of 1948 where the same ceremony was preformed for multiple children’s fathers. Judy recalls that her mother was also seriously affected and was “never the same again.” The death of her father was not entirely negative though. Judy believes that with the onset of her father’s death she became “a much more patriotic person.” The death of a
child’s father led the child to believe more fervently in the cause for which their father died, and consequently enhanced their patriotism for the country.

With the nation suddenly thrust into a war, all the resources of the United States were being used to provide supplies to the troops, produce a two-ocean navy, and increase the production of land artillery. Metal, paper, gas, and other natural resources became a rarity a...

... middle of paper ... families. Sacrifice, again, among children highlighted their own contributions to the war effort in the United States.

World War II had many effects on the world, one of which is the noticeable rise in patriotism and nationalism among the children of that era. The increase of duty to country can be attributed to the death of thousands of fathers, responsibilities of children to collect war materials, new forms of propaganda in the media, and the processes of rationing. These factors combined led the children to realize what their country was fighting for and encouraged the youth to become a part of the war effort. Although the extent to which the children actually aided in the war effort may never be known, it can be seen that the generation of children from World War II emerged from the war with a stronger sense of allegiance to the United States of America.

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