Essay on Determining when to Sue

Essay on Determining when to Sue

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Determining When to Sue

When a wrongful deed is committed, many questions arise as to who is at fault and who can recover damages. Many people may be affected from one incident leading to a whole strew of law suits. Before immediately seeking litigation, the plaintiff must look at the situation from both points of view in order to make sure that his case will more than likely be successful. In the situation concerning the Boston Globe accusations on Emmet Hayes, many illegal activities occurred and therefore, Hayes, his daughter Jill, and the Boston Globe must decide whether they should pursue legal action.

In the Boston Globe article, Emmet Hayes was accused of making his fortune through insider trading involving companies such as Tyco, Enron, and Worldcom. The accusation of this type of scandal could ruin the election for his wife, Shannon O’Brien, for governor as well as jeopardize his own career. His motives for bringing this case to court are very strong. At court Hayes’ lawyers can prove that the Globe performed an act of defamation, the act of “wrongfully hurting a person’s good reputation.” By printing his name in the newspaper, his career is now jeopardized due to his lack of credibility and potential illegal activity. By breeching this type of defamation, the Globe may also face charges arising from the tort of libel which entails false, defamatory written remarks. Although the Globe did not actually make the statement but yet wrote what the unnamed source said, they are still guilty because of the republication of this statement still falls under the publication requirement; defamatory statements communed to people other than those involved. Even if the source is named, the Globe...

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...amble employees were convicted of dumpster diving through Unilever trash and taking over eighty pages of information. As a result the outcome was a victory for Unilever which forced Procter and Gamble to pay Unilever $10 million dollars as well as have an auditor watch over the company to prevent future such incidents. If this case is looked at while reviewing the Globe versus the Herald, there is not doubt that the Boston Globe will win.

From one statement written in the Boston Globe about Emmet Hayes, three law suits can occur which conclude with many litigation processes. One act of trying to manipulate a race can make a lot of confusion and cause a lot of money. Throughout this whole process however, the cause of all this drama, Mitt Romney’s press secretary, has not be involved at all. One simple action will cause a lot of harm and money.

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