Caregivers' Behavior Contributes to Offspring Behavior Essay example

Caregivers' Behavior Contributes to Offspring Behavior Essay example

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Caregivers' Behavior Contributes to Offspring Behavior

The field of violence prediction research has advanced to the point where predictions about serious criminal violence by men who have already committed one violent offense can be made with a considerable degree of accuracy (Rice, 414). This group, although a small proportion of the population, is a group whose violence is the focus of much societal concern. Research on the nature of psychotherapy is yielding new insights into a group of offenders who are highly prone to violence. There is every reason to believe that applying the results of violence research to make policy changes in the criminal justice system would make society safer.

Research conducted on treatment of psychopaths suggests that there may be little "wrong" with psychopaths for therapy to "fix". However, their research does suggest that certain treatments, such as the therapeutic community, may actually increase psychopath's future violence. This idea is supported by other research stating that programs that help increase self-esteem can increase aggression (Baumeister et al., 1996). Their theory about psychotherapy is that it is an adaption rather than a disorder. Violence by psychopaths might be reduced through careful monitoring and supervision therefore increasing the likelihood of detection. The researcher's theory begins to take a close look into a psychopath's childhood. The theorists determine that by means of close monitoring of the subject's aggressive and antisocial behavior by caretakers early in life it might shape the later behavior of persons with a genetic disposition to psychotherapy (Rice, 1997).

The research demonstrated the importance of evaluating any interventions that are d...

... middle of paper ...; American Psychology Association, Incorporated. vol. 64 pgs. 5-7. February 1996.

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