The Debate Over Internet Censorship Essay

The Debate Over Internet Censorship Essay

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The Debate Over Internet Censorship

Many people believe the Internet has become the World’s Emancipation Proclamation. They believe that this newfound cyber-freedom will free countless generations of people. These people will be of every race, creed and color, whose lives, up until now, have been restrained by the paradigm of governments. Whether it is the United States Government, or the government of a foreign nation, the Internet will be our new Underground Railroad of cyberspace.

     Recently, the World Wide Web has come under fire from various forms of censorship. Singapore has been a giant of aggressiveness in regard to censorship and technology. But even with Singapore’s relentless efforts for control of the World Wide Web, the public still seeks to stay informed on every issue that concerns mankind. “As a new technology the Internet defies censorship because of characteristics such as information explosion, de-massification, convergence, computer culture, and globalization” (Kolko 424).

     But is this newfound freedom man’s salvation, or the Plagues of Egypt? “Almost anything is allowed on the Internet as long as it does not violate the laws of the country in which the originator resides. But even if the law of the land is broken, it is nearly impossible to enforce criminal laws out of that country’s borders” (Kolko 426). As we move from our “own little world” of existence to a limitless arena of information in cyber space, at what cost does this newfound freedom come?

     All countries, like most everything else, have evolved to their ideas, beliefs and laws, primarily based on uncontrollable circumstances. Massive mistakes, holocausts of Biblical proportions, financi...

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...ce and above all— warranty
(10 years or 100,000 miles—5 years or 60,000 miles, bumper to bumper). Now that is competition!

     In conclusion, it is my belief that there is a bright future for Singapore and every other country that allows the freedom of choice for their people. After all it is the people that make a nation, not the governing-few. The governing-few work for us, we do not work for them. And in reality, that is not only true for countries, but states, cities, companies, and industries.

     It is my hope that Singapore will continue to prosper (at least until my warranty runs out), and that all of us can learn to agree to disagree about censorship on the Internet. We may not like what we see or hear, but we should hold in highest regard the rights of everyone to be allowed the privilege to decide for their self.

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