The Coal Miners in France During the Second Empire Essay

The Coal Miners in France During the Second Empire Essay

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The Coal Miners in France During the Second Empire

In this paper I will explain why revolt by the labor against capital
in Second Empire France failed. To explain the situation, I will use
Marx's theory of capital accumulation as he presents it in {Capital}. Also
important in the theoretical description of this phenomena is the role of
tradition and the way its restraints deviate from those of the economy in
this French society. Based on this description I will discuss how the
function of management is enforced by the economy and traditions inherent
in a society. From these considerations I will suggest additional elements
and relationships necessary for social relations change to transcend the
institutional conditions in which they exist.

Terminology relevent to a theoretical account of an event is given by
Talcott Parsons in {The Structure of Social Action}. Here, action is
described as a system that may be divided into unit acts. The unit act
consists of four elements. First there is an agent, or actor. Second, the
act has an end which is a future state of affairs or goal towards which the
action is oriented. Third, there is a situation where the trends of
develop- ment differ from the end towards which the action is oriented. The
situation is composed of two elements; the conditions are that which the
actor cannot manipulate in accordance with his end, and the means are that
over which he does not have control. Finally there is a relation between
these elements; where a situation allows alterna- tive means to the end,
the course is selected from the normative orientation of the actor.
(Parsons, 1968: 44)

In order to account for the interrelationships in the historical event

... middle of paper ...

... change. Events will
subsequently no longer happen but attain meaning in the light of the source
that the charismatic element advocates. This change in normative
orientations relative to the change in other elements of the process must
be reflected in the ideology. The ideology of social change may not simply
be a reiffication of the old in a reactionary form. The substance of the
ideology, in being a response to the divergence caused by the economy and
polity, must be such as to transcend that which came before it. This final
condition, specifying the relations between elements necessary for
revolutionary change, may only be derived in a society which is neither an
organic, composite whole nor one of random atomistic ends. Rather, the
society must be one where the normative orientation for mediating between
conditions and means is one of consensus.

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