Tragedy in Jewish History Essay

Tragedy in Jewish History Essay

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Tragedy in Jewish History

The Jews are a people with a multitude of dilemmas. From the
Israelite tribes to the prosperous modern day Israel , bigotry towards the
Jews has been greatly evident. The Jewish race has acted as Escape Goat
for many crisis throughout history including the black plague which swept
across Europe in the 14th century. The establishment of Israel was a great
incident was something the Jewish people were striving to obtain for
generations. This, however, led to four major conflicts between Israel and
the Arab countries. One of the most meaningful wars was the Six-Day War.
Events such as the holocaust have also had a dramatic effect on world
history and whose mysteries are still being unravelled.

For twelve years following 1933 the Jews were persecuted by the Nazi's.
Jewish businesses were boycotted and vandalized. By 1939,Jews were no
longer citizens,could not attend public schools,engage in practically any
business or profession, own any land, associate with any non-Jew or visit
public places such as parks and museums. The victories of the German
armies in the early years of World War II brought the majority of European
Jewry under the Nazis. The Jews were deprived of human rights. The Jewish
people were forced to live in Ghetto's which were separated from the main
city. Hitler's plan of genocide was carried out with efficiency. The
total number of Jews exterminated has been calculated at around 5,750,000.

In Warsaw ,where approximately 400,000 Jews had once been
concentrated,was reduced to a population of 60,000. they, virtually unarmed,
resisted the German deportation order and had held back the regular German
troops equipped with flame throwers,armou...

... middle of paper ...

...ed it to its rightful
owners , Israel.

As is clearly visible through these few examples the Jewish race have
had a very trailing history. This however is only a small representation
of the rest of the Jewish problems. War , for example, is still present.
In 1991 in the Persian Gulf Israel was continuously bombed by Iraq. If
Israel would have fought back chances are there would have had most of the
Arabian countries join in with Iraq to eliminate the common enemy. Therefore
the problems are yet not resolved yet it seems there is never a perfect
solution to any problem.


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