Way of Life in Nicaragua Essay

Way of Life in Nicaragua Essay

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Way of Life in Nicaragua

Most Nicaraguans are mestizos. That is that they have white and
Indian ancestors. Their way of life is somewhat similar to that of Spanish
Americans in other Central American countries. Most people belong to the
Roman Catholic Church and speak Spanish. Most of Nicaragua's people are
poor farmers. Many of those in the Pacific Region are peasants who work on
their own farms, cooperatives, state farms, or large private farms. In
warmer areas, agriculture workers live in metal roofed houses. In the
colder areas of the Central Highlands, they live in adobe houses with tile

The only Indian groups in Nicaragua that follow their own languages
and their old ways of life are in the thinly populated Caribbean Region. In
the early 1980's some of these Indians became involved in anti-government
things. Because of this, the government moved some Indian groups from
their homes near the border to areas in the interior of Nicaragua.


Nicaragua has a law that requires children to go t...

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