Ghana: The Gold Coast of Africa Essay

Ghana: The Gold Coast of Africa Essay

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Ghana: The Gold Coast of Africa

The Gold Coast, now known as Ghana, is one of many civilizations of
Africa. It was a British Colony until March 6, 1957, when it became
independent as the State of Ghana.

In 1471, the Portuguese invaded this area and became involved in gold
trade, giving the region the name, The Gold Coast. They built forts to
protect their monopoly of gold trade from merchants representing other
nations. In 1642, the Dutch West India Company captured all Portuguese
strong posts and they devoted their interests in slave trading rather than
gold trading. In the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, the Gold Coast
was one of the chief West African sources of slave export. At the beginning
of the Nineteenth Century the countries involved in slave trading began
abolishing it as illegal and immoral. The British abolished it in 1807,
the Danish is 1804 and the Dutch in 1814.

In 1821, British forts were transferred from private ownership to
government control. The Gold Coast became a British colony and the new
government was known...

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