Essay about The Role of Media in the Music Industry

Essay about The Role of Media in the Music Industry

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The Role of Media in the Music Industry

When musicians produce albums, they want people to listen to the albums. There is not one specific way for a band or single musician to gain an audience and promote their music. Musicians use many different kinds of media to promote their music. They use visual media as well as strictly listening media. The radio, television, and the internet are all different types of media musicians use to promote their music.

The radio is the oldest use of media for music. It has not lost its importance in spreading music though. Bands today still rely on the radio to help spread their music so people will want to but their albums. For a band to gain an audience and to get people to buy their albums they first need to let the people hear their music. The radio is the simplest media to spread music, but it is very effective. All that has to happen is a person starts driving in their car or sits at home and then they turn on the radio. If they hear a song that they like then they might go buy the album.

Television is also a very effective way for artist to get their albums sold. Not only do people get to listen to the music, but they also get to see a video of the musicians. People are known to have short attention spans, so sometimes people don’t listen to a whole song on the radio, but if there is visualization too it is more likely they will concentrate on the video. If a person concentrates on the song they are more likely to actually enjoy the song. Music videos are more effective for this reason than just hearing a song on the radio. While listening to the radio a person is usually doing others things, such as driving, talking with friends, and working. All of that person’s concentration ...

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... the websites usually include audio sections, but they have video sections also. This gives people the chance to check out the creativity of the band and just add a little more excitement than just listening to the song. They can also find out the history of the band, recent news about the band, and their touring schedule on the internet.

Musicians have many options when it comes to gaining an audience of listeners to buy their latest album. Many different types of media can be used to promote their music. The main reason a musician puts out an album is to get money by having as many people buy the album as possible. So, musicians usually focus on three areas when promoting their music. They use the traditional way of radio, the visual way of television, and the combination of both on the internet. In the end they hope to have sold as many albums as possible.

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