Essay about Personal Narrative- Career Goals

Essay about Personal Narrative- Career Goals

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Personal Narrative- Career Goals

My parents often remind me of how difficult it is for minorities like us
to earn respect from the community and enough money to raise a family.
They encourage me to strive for the best by being selfish and competitive
against my peers rather than enjoy what I like which is to interact with
people. My mother wanted me to become a doctor because it is a well paying
job and my father wanted me to become an entrepreneur because I would have
been able to gain respect from the community. These were all the more
reasons why I had avoided my parents when they ask me about my career
goals. I was not trying to ignore their concerns because they were
annoying but because I did not want to disappoint them by telling them
that I wanted to become a nurse.

Before interning at the University of Davis Medical Center, I was certain
that I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field but I was not sure
which area to specialize in. For two quarters, I spent several hours a
week volunteering at the pediatric ward. Most of the time I sta...

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