American Censorship of Japanese Animation Essay

American Censorship of Japanese Animation Essay

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American Censorship of Japanese Animation

Abrstract: This essay will explore why Americans feel the need to censor Japanese Animation, how the Japanese culture differs from American culture, and how to solve the growing debate of the censorship of Japanese media.

             Japan, that strange and exotic land in the east, has a complex and interesting history that has shaped and molded its culture into a very unique society today.  Of course their customs have influenced their entertainment, especially television and movies.  In a day and age where information is free to all through the internet and reliable postal systems these television shows, movies, toys, and comics have made their way all over the world.  The reception of Japanese media has had mixed reactions, both good and bad.

            America, being an amalgamation of societies and cultures, has naturally had a mixed reaction to Japanese media.  The younger generation, namely those in their twenties or younger, have embraced the bright and flashy style of Japanese animation.  The most popular shows are the ones with the most action, but shows that concentrate on character development and storyline are also popular, especially among the female population.  The older generation does not have such open minds unfortunately.  They do not seem to understand the appeal of the big eyed characters yelling nonsense at each other or the fact that all animation is not just silly kid’s stuff.  Not only that, but Japanese animation has been tagged as overly violent and obscene.  It has been accused of causing violence and disturbing young children by fundamentalist organizations.

            American television networks and video distributors also feel the need to c...

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...they were truly meant to be, and parents do not have to worry about inappropriate content for their children.  With a little bit of effort the rising sun can be purified and enjoyed by all.

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