It’s Time to Stop Corporate Downsizing Essay

It’s Time to Stop Corporate Downsizing Essay

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It’s Time to Stop Corporate Downsizing

Michael Moore is very opinionated. He can be very blunt and sarcastic, but he gets his point across. In his documentaries Roger and Me, Pets or Meat, the return to Flint and The Big One he is not speaking out for what someone has done to him, but for what they have done to the people of Flint, Michigan. In Roger and Me, Michael focuses on how Roger Smith, the CEO of General Motors (GM), closed his factory in Flint to open factories in Mexico. The closing of the plant left more than 30,000 people unemployed. Michael was determined to talk to Roger and get him to come to Flint to see what kind of effect his greed caused. In Pets or Meat, the return to Flint Michael returns to Flint to see that people are still struggling. One bright side though is Roger Smith’s pension has been cut by $100,000. In The Big One, Michael Moore has written a book titled, Down Size This, Random Threats From an Unarmed American. On his book tour he helps a bookstore establish a union and he gets Phil Knight, the CEO of Nike, to match his donation of $10,000 for the...

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