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Essay about The Worst Best Job

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The Worst Best Job

Trimming Christmas trees is a hard job, but it is one of my favorites thus far. The biggest reasons that it is a hard job are the heat, the bees, and the poison ivy. Despite all the hard things that we have to go through it is a fun job. Most of the employees that work there are teenagers like myself. However, there were some men in there 40's that had worked there since they were my age. Even though they were not bosses they felt that they were and really made it hard to work at times. The reason that I like trimming so much is because I am able to talk with my friends all day, and the boss Jim Fleming is a really good boss. The only time I ever saw him get mad was when  he was justified to get mad at one of the employees for not working.

Jim is the kind of boss that is not afraid to tell his employees what they are doing wrong, yet he also tells you when you were doing something right. He takes the time to show the rookies how to trim right, and does not get really mad when they mess up for the first couple of weeks you are still learning. Jim does a good job of staying cool with the people that are still learning. I remember my first day of trimming; I totally ruined my first few trees, and instead of yelling at me he calmly should me how to do it right. Even when I did the same thing later he was still calm. However, if you know what you are doing and still mess up because you are being lazy or something he will let you know what you is not acceptable. During the time that I trimmed for him he was very nice about bringing corrections to the people that needed it, maybe too nice. Some of the kids tried to take advantage of Jim's calm criticisms and would be very lazy, and even brag to the people that...

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...t part of the trimming experience. Trimming is just that: an experience. Trimming has been more than a job to me; because it was my first real job it made me be independent. I had to get myself up every morning, and make sure that I was at my friend’s house at 6:45 to get a ride. This was the first time that I had to be totally independent. This job was a great way of a learning how to manage my time, and how to deal with people in the work force.

Like I said trimming is the best worst job, because it can be really hard, really boring, and really hot; however, we always have a good time. Trimming has been hard and sometimes a real pain, but I would not trade my years of trimming or any thing. I learn how to keep at something even if it is hard, and how to deal with bosses, and how to deal with difficult people. These are skills that I will have for years to come.

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