We Must be More Cynical of Human Evolution Theories Essay

We Must be More Cynical of Human Evolution Theories Essay

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We Must be More Cynical of Human Evolution Theories

The history of human existence is a highly speculated and heated subject of debate. Many seek for origins of mankind through religious and cultural contexts. Although no definitive answer has been established, society often tends to look towards science for explanation of this mystery. Surprisingly, much of what is presented in regards to human evolution is taken as fact. There is an underlying de-emphasis on particulars such as hypothesis and theory. Rather than disillusionment resulting from constant discoveries which discredit previous beliefs, a reinterpretation is created and subsequently taken as truth. Although a great deal of testing and physical evidence accompanies these theories, none provide complete concrete validation.

A prime example of such reinterpretation stemming from new discovery is the recent finding of fossilized skulls in Ethiopia. On November 16, 1997 the skulls of two adults and one child were found in the Afar region bordering the Middle Awash River in a village called Herto. After roughly three years of reconstructing the fragments of skull together (the child’s skull alone is composed of over 800 pieces), further profane discoveries were brought to the public’s attention. Testing and analysis reveals that the skulls are 16,000 years old and thus makes them the oldest modern human fossils to date1[1]. The skulls significance however is of even greater importance. The Herto skulls prove that the current and widely accepted theory of evolution is flawed.

The age of the skulls pre-dates Neanderthal fossils. Therefore, we could not have evolved from them2[2]. Neanderthals split of the human tree (a popular metaphor in reference t...

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