Finding Freedom with a Dodge Truck and Love with a Zales Diamond Essay

Finding Freedom with a Dodge Truck and Love with a Zales Diamond Essay

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Finding Freedom with a Dodge Truck and Love with a Zales Diamond

Television commercials, although usually ignored and generally disliked by the public, are more influential than most people think. Their concepts are subconsciously absorbed and whether or not viewers realize it, they leave an impact on their minds. Marie Winn quotes an English instructor in her essay, “Television Addiction,” as saying ‘I find television almost irresistible. When the set is on, I cannot ignore it. I can’t turn it off’ (506). Advertisers know that people become addicted to television shows and because of this, they are forced to watch the commercials as well. These repetitious commercials get the consumers influenced by what they see. For example, Dodge promoters use a ram as their mascot which is reflected in their motto “Grab Life by the Horns,” and it is shown at the end of all their commercials. They want you to seize the freedom in life that you have while making a Dodge car a part of it. Another example of an abstract idea promoted in a commercial is the Zales diamond advertisement where a man expresses his love for his girlfriend by not only unrestrainedly shouting it out loudly, but also by presenting her with a beautiful diamond ring. While these commercials induce people to buy their products, they also evoke certain emotions, more specifically the ideas of freedom and love.

Dave Barry states in his essay, “Red, White, and Beer,” “Lately I’ve been feeling very patriotic, especially during commercials” (519). So, commercials have the power to make consumers feel particular emotions. For instance, the Dodge car promoters use an outdoor setting in their commercial to advertise their trucks. The area is a vast, wide open plain with no...

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...tisement for it, because of its visual representation.

In conclusion, advertisers have the job of not only tempting viewers to buy a product, but also the power to make them feel emotions through visually showing different situations. “Dodge” wants you to break away from the norm and embrace freedom while “Zales” encourages spontaneity in love. In order to fulfill these emotions, the viewers are induced to purchase the product, therefore accomplishing the task of the advertisers.

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