The Essential Role Of Stereotype In Propaganda Essay

The Essential Role Of Stereotype In Propaganda Essay

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The Essential Role Of Stereotype In Propaganda

People encounter propaganda and stereotypes in their daily lifestyle from social interaction with peers to family and the media. Propaganda and stereotype are correlative; however their conceptual fundaments are different. Propaganda is a systematic manipulation of public opinion that is consciously disseminated to promote a doctrine or cause. Contemporary propaganda deliberately attempts to alter peoples’ opinion and influence human behaviour through common broadcasters such as “politicians, advertisers, journalists, and radio personalities” (Delwiche 2002). Stereotype is defined as “a conventional, formulaic and over simplified conception, opinion or image” ( 2004). These generalizations influence peoples’ attitudes, values, beliefs and habits, as it conveys a biased perception towards an individual or a specific group. Stereotypes include, people conforming to a fixed image of an individual’s characteristics, based on race, age, gender, religion, and any other basis of subjectivity. Stereotype plays an active role in propaganda as it is publicly broadcasted to persuade the majority of people that encounter the misleading information. The tactics executed by the government in campaigns and regarding ethical dilemmas tends to be based on unsubstantiated evidence, which slanders an ethnic reputation and creates unnecessary criticisms of sexual orientation.

Propaganda and stereotypes work well simultaneously, taking into account propaganda tactics are incorporated in politicians’ strategy of deceiving people. Propagandists eminently use compelling arguments as a method to persuade and sway individuals opinions; contrarily, the information is misleading because it ...

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...ed on March 31, 2004.

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