The Future of On-line Journalism

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The Future of On-line Journalism Interactivity is what most separates on line news from traditional news. Indexicality (using hypertext links) is an important aspect of on-line journalism because it frees up space and time for the reader. People can explore international news and easily access the latest stories before the papers get to print, all at the click of a mouse. Many studies have been done on how people use web services. One of the major characteristics of such use is searching through different hyperlinks. Hypertext enables people to see things through new dimensions. Online journalists have to be innovative in the way they create news. "Transparent journalism," allowing readers to participate in the writing, is one example of how journalists are adapting to the on line form. "Eye track" (equipment that monitors where people's eyes focus and for how long) studies have also been useful in studying how we use the web. These studies will help news organizations and rest of us in understanding twenty-first century communication. Analysis On-line journalism is a combination of the increasing digitalized technology and the use of the internet. Digitalized technology and the internet are the two leading factors in the evolution of print in terms of Gasher's views of interactivity (Gasher). On-line news sites are the peak at this point in technological evolution and are serving, as well as changing the functions of media because they combine these two factors. On-line journalism can be assessed through its evolution, its basic functions and its benefits. The evolution of print has shown general progression through expanse, detail, interactivity and expressiveness of communication. The first publications print... ... middle of paper ... ... Mediascapes: New Patterns in Canadian Communication. Edited by Paul Attallah and Leslie Regan Shade. Scarborough, ON: Nelson, p. 259-261. The New York Times on the Web. (2002) Available on-line: last consulted: October 8th, 2002. Peter Jennings. (2002) "The Search for Peter Jennings", National Review Online. Available on-line: last consulted: October 8th, 2002. SCHOLL AND WEISCHENBERG, Armin and Siegfried. (1999) "Autonomy in Journalism: How it is Related to Attitudes and Behavior of Media Professionals", Web Journal of Mass Communication Research, September 4, 1999. Available on-line: last consulted October 8th, 2002. The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. (2002) "Talk back". Available on-line: last consulted October 8th, 2002.
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