Nuclear Deterrence is the Best Defense Against Nuclear War Essay

Nuclear Deterrence is the Best Defense Against Nuclear War Essay

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Nuclear Deterrence is the Best Defense Against Nuclear War

In 1945, a great technological innovation was dropped over Japan, the atomic bomb. Ever since the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world has faced the threat of nuclear attack. In reaction to this, world governments have been forced to find a defense against nuclear attack. One solution to the danger of nuclear attack is the use of nuclear deterrence. Nuclear deterrence is the possession and launching of nuclear weapons for the sole purpose of defense and retaliation against a nuclear attack from another country. Nuclear deterrence is the best answer to the danger of nuclear war, resulting in world security and the prevention of nuclear war. However, some people believe that the possession of nuclear weapons for deterrence is unnecessary, expensive and too risky.

International security may be at risk with deterrent nukes waiting to be fired at any moments notice. An accident could create a misfire hurting millions of people. A computer could have an error either launching a missile or reporting incoming missiles. If an incoming missile were reported, tracking stations would be instantly contacted to verify the report. The situation is determined in only one minute and a half (Hartinger). The chance of a nuclear weapon accidentally being fired is very unlikely. At nuclear command centers, there are no buttons to accidentally push or chances of computer errors (Walsh 45). An accident cannot occur because only a person can sequence a launch. The President is the only man who can initiate a nuclear launch in the United States. After the Presidents decision, there is a complex procedure of authorization codes and key turning to finally launch the nuclear weapon ...

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