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Christopher Columbus, the Conquerer Essay

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Christopher Columbus, the Conquerer

Depending on how you look at it, Christopher Columbus was either a great man of adventure and achievement Or the kind of person that does not see shame in killing and enslaving thousand of Native Americans. Christopher Columbus came to America in hopes of finding new land, new opportunities, and gold. On the view of the Spaniards side he was helping them expand a money thirsty empire. He was helping route and map new uncharted land. He was bringing his ships back so full of gold that they almost sunk. On the view of Native Americans he was looting and plundering their valubles, family members, houses, pictures and basically anything he wanted. He sacrificed many Natives, crushing their whole world for the purpose of expanding his and make himself known. Christopher Columbus was a destroyer.

Whether it was a day of huge discovery or a day of dark doom, Christopher Columbus set out from Spain on August 3, 1492 (Microsoft Encarta). With him he had high hopes, great expectations, a dream, a highly moraled crew, and three Spanish caravel ships. The Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. At that time the crew and Columbus had strong intentions of reaching what they thought was the East Indies (Burdette 26). However, the crews were a week and a half out from Spain. They were sure they were near land. It could have been just a see bird or the weeds growing on the Sargasso Sea. A prime example that the rest of the crew or Columbus himself had not had any exact information such as maps about the sea. Following the trade winds they had followed, they were being lead to N. America

With a bold yell Columbus sat perched on the tower of the Santa Maria and hollered, "From the West to the East we will...

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...on stake war on great empires such as the Aztecs. Although the natives were very willing to defend their empire, Spain had the upper hand. With canons, swords, and rifles the Spanish soon totally annihilated the people. Killing, burning, hanging or decapitating were of the possibilities (Stannard 237). Spain showed no mercy and ultimately crushed the empire. With enough gold to nearly sink Columbus ships, the ships returned to celebrate. The "fantastic voyage" was nothing short of the expected success.

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