William Faulkner’s short novel, The Bear Essay

William Faulkner’s short novel, The Bear Essay

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William Faulkner’s short novel, The Bear

"The Bear" is a short novel in an anthology that begins in
Yoknapatwpha County sometime after the Civil War. The story deals with
loyalty, honor, truth, bravery, courage, fear, nature, history and choices.
Cleanth Brooks best described this story by saying, "Faulkner's villains do not
respect nature and their fear of it has nothing in common with the fear of the
Lord or with awe in the presence of the divine." (Brooks 149)
In the story, we find a bear that has learned to outwit and survive
hunters for years. It wasn't until they took a beast of the wild and tamed it
before they could even come close to the bear. They took a beast of nature to
kill a beast of nature for their own personal pleasure, for sport...a
conversation piece.

When looking into the history aspect of the story, think of human
actions and how People make radical decisions that may affect the rest of
their lives, or even the lives of others, not even giving a second thought to the
consequences. This book deals with a radical decision made by one man that
changed the lives of many.

The author of this story, William Faulkner, was a white southern male
born "September 25, 1897, in New Albany, Mississippi. He died July 6,
1962." (Compton's CD) Faulkner had a way with Christianity, but more with
the nature of man. He believed that man was nature. We can see how this
affects the story with the statement "It was of the men, not white nor black
nor red but men, hunters, with the will and hardihood to endure and the
humility and skill to survive..."(Faulkner 327)

The story begins with Ike and C who are going on a hunting trip to
try to catch Old Ben, t...

... middle of paper ...

utilization of it, or when he ceases to love it and to carry on his
contention with it in terms of some sort of code, then he not only risks
destroying nature but risks bestializing his own nature. (270)

This novel is a wonderful book to read for those who like nature and
the wilderness. It is through nature that one can achieve their highest level of
love for the world. Although it may be hard to get through a few of the
chapters, once you truly understand the meaning of the book, it will stick in
your heart forever.

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